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Allegany Trans* Kink, FetLife
For anyone in Allegany County, Maryland or the surrounding region, including Western Maryland, the West Virginia panhandle, and southwestern Pennsylvania. Emphasis is for FetLife members who're CD/TV/TG/TS/GQ/GF/I, an admirer, or anyone LGBTQ- or trans-friendly
Allentown, PA BDSM Group, FetLife
For people from the Allentown area to join. Open to anyone who is into the lifestyle. Hopefully we can organize some munches or meetings.
Alternative Expressions, Yahoo
Central PA area. We are an ACTIVE group who participate in monthly munches, lifestyle events, and other outings.
The Art of Female Dominance - Pittsburgh, FetLife
This is primarily a real-time social group, designed to support dominant women and submissive men in dealing with the ups and downs of a femdom relationship.
The Aviary Philly, FetLife
a new monthly fetish event in Philadelphia, aimed specifically towards play.
Baltimore Educational & Social Society (BESS)
Baltimore Educational & Social Society (BESS), FetLife
Educational and social group for consenting adults with shared interests in BDSM sexuality. These interests include, among others, Dominance & submission, bondage & discipline, leathersex, fetishism, cross dressing, and roleplay. BESS is multi-sexual. All genders and orientations are welcome to attend.
Barter Philadelphia Metro Area, FetLife
This forum is for kinky folks to barter skills, objects and stuff for other skills, items and stuff. In this time of social and financial tough times - this group gives us the latitude to exchange skills
BDSM of SEPA Social, FetLife
7PM the first Saturday of each month. Dancing starts at 9M. We've had 35 to over 70 people show. All age groups. Always new people. Unfortunately, the club only allows people age 21 and over.
Bethlehem PA & Greater Lehigh Valley BDSM Group, FetLife
A nice place to share, swap, discuss and enjoy the lifestyle. Future play party is in the works as well as mnthly munches.
BlackBEAT Philly Metro Munch, FetLife
We are an official BlackBEAT munch group located in the SEPA/Southern NJ area. We hold monthly munches in Cherry Hill, NJ and every other month in Philadelphia. We are a multi-cultural group that is open to anyone interested in M/s, D/s or BDSM.
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix, FetLife
Black Phoenix, Yahoo
25,000 square foot play space featuring 45 play stations, 4 onsite vendors, a changing room, enclosed smoking room, very large social lounge, fully stocked concession stand, and three after care areas. Comfortable seating is provided throughout the space. There will be play parties, demo’s, gatherings, and more.
Bloomsburg Area BDSM, FetLife
A group for kinksters in the Bloomsburg area of North Eastern Pennsylvania. Home of BlooMunch.
Burgh Munch, FetLife
Burgh Munch, Yahoo
Oldest surviving munch group in the Pittsburgh area. One of goals is to serve the community through educational demos in a social venue. We are an eclectic group consisting of persons of all genders, orientations, experience levels and ages. The munch and demo is held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 6:30 PM.
BurgherMunch, FetLife
A Pittsburgh-based pansexual (all-inclusive), 18 years and older group interested in pursuing s/m, dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, fetishes, and other like interests, and spreading knowledge of these areas as an outreach organization for those who are curious and/or wish to find a social outlet with individuals like them. On the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm
The Butler Munch PA, FetLife
Butler Munch, Yahoo
We are a pan-sexual, D/s, B.D.S.M. and S&M group in the Butler area. Munches are currently being held once a month.
Carlisle-Central PA Alternative Expressions
Carlisle & surrounding area to come to enjoy a spot for open-mindedness, tolerance, support, education, and social networking. Enjoy the company of others who are interested in the "lifestyle." Holds a munch on the first Monday of each month
Central Penn Alternative Lifestyle, Yahoo
Welcomes all 21+ adults interested in exploring the alternative lifestyle. We are an active Central Pennsylvania based group promoting education, support, and social networking. We welcome those exploring D/s, Gorean, TPE, and other alternative lifestyle relationships.
Central Pennsylvania Personals, FetLife
for Central Pa folks and surrounding area to find that special someone? A Dominant? A submissive? A slave? Do you want to meet and friend with people who live in the Central Pa area? You can also to buy, sell or trade fetish gear of all types of fetish gear. Make your own trade, item for item, item for money, or trade or services
Central Susquehanna Valley Kinksters, FetLife
An attempt to provide an opportunity for meeting each other, providing a place for new folks in the area to find us and hopefully arrange for occasional munches and other activities where we can meet each other. Generally, you should be within 30 - 60 minutes of the Sunbury, PA area or frequently visit the area.
Chester County Pa Fetish Friends., FetLife
For people who live in Chester County Pa to meet, talk, and get to know each other, make friends and possibly find a partner. Here you can just talk about the lifestyle, ask questions, find friends, Mentors, teachers, play partners, subs, slaves, Dom or a Master if you’re lucky. Please be from Chester County Pa or connecting Counties only!
Club Nine...NEPA's Lifestyle Social Club, FetLife
We have decided to end the events held at the Club 9. But since the events brought people together, we have decided to keep the group open so the members can continue to socialize if even just in the group.
Corning Area Kink Group, FetLife
Corning Area Kink Group, Yahoo
A Fetish Group for the Southern Tier of NY and Northern Tier of PA. We hold Munches so we can build community and later on perhaps have more activities. We are happy to entertain any ideas and suggestions that you may have.
Curvy Girls in Philly and Their Admirers, FetLife
If you live in and around Philly and you're either a curvy girl or just can't take your eyes off the curvy girls, you've found your home. ;-) Hopefully we can talk, swap stories, and maybe even get together out in the real world.
Date Night!!!, FetLife
We're a group of like-minded individuals, who hang out weekly over drinks and a bite to eat, and get to "be ourselves." No pretense, no drama, no bullshit. We hang out in a local, VANILLA setting, no scene play, no pressure
DC Milk, Lactation, ANR/ABF and Inducing, FetLife
Interested in adult breastfeeding? Are you in an adult breastfeeding relationship now, or want to be? Want to learn how it works? Would you like to meet others and share tits, err, TIPS and get answers? Primarily for Washington, DC-Maryland-Northern Virginia-Eastern Panhandle WV-South Central PA residents
Delaware Valley Spanks, FetLife
Delaware Valley Spanks, Yahoo (Inactive since 2009)
Goal: to create a non-threatening and supportive environment for like-minded spanking enthusiasts who are truly interested in all aspects of adult spanking. Our intent is to network with others at monthly munches where we share our thoughts and information related to our unique interest. All styles of consensual adult spanking are welcome.
Delco Pa area friends, FetLife
A group for people who live outside of the city of Philadelphia in the suburbs. For Dominants, submissives, Masters and slaves. A place for us to gather and speak and ask things freely. We welcome anyone to the group new or people with experience.
Domina Society of Philadelphia, FetLife
A Chapter of The Domina Society International. This is a group for like minded Women and sub men, sub women, switch men and women, to communicate with one another, learn and teach each other, get together for socials, munches, demos, parties, educational discusion meets and nilla gatherings.
D/s Pennsylvania, Yahoo
We are a group that gathers in mIRC, where we have a place to chat and get to know one another. This group provides us a place to leave notes, messages and other information pertinent to the group.
East Coast Unemployed Networking, FetLife
For people on the East Coast to network for jobs and support one another. NY,NJ,DE,PA,MD,VA to start with. Anyone hear of anything good? Anyone need something?
Elmira Enthusiastic Kinksters! (EEK!), FetLife
Serving the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. A place to meet new folks in a safe environment (online). Initially, this will only be an online group for folks to ask questions and have general discussions. Eventually, I would like to have munches and play parties if we can find the space
Entry Point of Johnstown, FetLife
Like-minded people coming together for lifestyle-based education and presentations. We host shopping trips and makeover parties for our Trans/CD members, as well as special get-togethers and outings. We meet the second Thursday of the month at a place TBD for educational demos and presentations.
Erie & NWPA PA Happenings, FetLife
For all the Erie and surrounding area people to post what is going on in he area or what you would like to do and want company doing it. We started the group so that we can all post to 1 group, insted of 4 or 5 diffrant groups... Everyone is welcome here and it is not affiliated with any other groups.
Erie Drama Free Club, FetLife
We are a real time group that meets socially a few times a month and for a month play party. We occasionally share hosting duties with another Erie group. We have a a mix of members who are very experienced as well as people new to the lifestyle. Members must be 21 or older.
Erie PA Next Generation, FetLife
If you are near enough the Erie PA area to get here, and under the age of 36, we would love to hang out with you sometime. We are a open-minded and welcoming group with events ranging from members-only play nights to social meals with friends. Here for everything from games of pool to rope demos.
"FetCycle"--Jersey & Philadelphia, FetLife
Ever heard of Freecycle? Well this is the Lifestyle's answer to that ! This is a place where you can post items you have that you no longer need and are willing to give away for free. Or perhaps you need something and want to know if anyone might have one to give.
Fetlife Southern New Jersey/Phildelphia Munch Group, FetLife
Realtime social networking group for the Southern New Jersey/Phildelphia area.
Foot Fetish and Worship group Erie, PA area, FetLife
For people who adore women's feet and women that love to have their feet worshipped. If you love feet and everything to do with them, then come meet up with like minded people. We hope to get a great group together for foot fetish parties, shoe shopping trips and group pedicures.
The Fringe of Philly, FetLife
For that subset of the Philadelphia community that takes a while to warm up in larger groups. If you find yourself on the fence about going to a munch, concerned about whether or not you'll be able to strike up a conversation and engage with other people, or just need a place to be with kink-minded friends and just be social - this group is for you!!
Garden State Sadists and masochists, FetLife
Group for all Sadists and masochists residing in New Jersey mainly. Overflow from NY and Pa allowed. Feel free to post a personal and lets have some good discussions.The more extreme the better.
The Gate (Your Gateway to BDSM), FetLife
The Gate News/Munch, Yahoo
Helps Advertises, Promotes, and Educate people of Events up and down the East Coast. Mainly in the Pa, NJ, NY, DE area. We support and promote all Munch groups and clubs. The Gate Munch at Cherry Street Tavern in Philadelphia has been an active munch for over a decade.
GDK Foot Worship Parties, FetLife
Local Philadelphia foot fetish parties brought to you by Goddess Destiny Kaine
GOR of NEPA, FetLife
For all of Fetlife that have an interest in the ways of GOR to learn and exchange positive energy on the manner of living GOR at all levels in realtime..
Great Lakes Coffee Shop, FetLife
It has a laid back atmosphere for people in the great lakes area to meet and talk. It is open to all people in the Great Lakes area or interested in it. Feel Free to post questions or comments or information on your local activities, munches or gatherings.
Harrisburg/York/Lancaster Kink, FetLife
Just a general exchange of information of locals with others
Hazleton Munch, FetLife
A munch group that meets the first week of the month. We gather at the Bonanza in Hazleton (across from the entrance to the Laurel Mall) at 6:30 pm and usually hang out till the restaurant closes at 9. Welcome everyone regardless of kink, orientation or experience. If you are new and nervous about meeting, let me know...
Horse and Buggery (Lancaster, PA Munch), FetLife
Meets in Lancaster City Proper at the Prince Street Cafe. The Cafe is located at 15 North Prince Street in Lancaster, directly across from the Historic Fulton Theater. The Munch will take place the first Saturday of every month at 9pm.
Humiliation and Degredation Pennsylvania, FetLife
to address the needs of those who like to RECEIVE and those who like to DEGRADE AND HUMILIATE MEN. I personally would like to hear true stories from men who love to experience H and D and from Women who like to use us. Restricted to: Submissive men/women into Extreme H and D in Philly Area and those who want to use them.
In Panties in Philly, FetLife
Welcome to all panty lovers in the Philadelphia area. I love seeing others are into panties, wearing panties, smelling panties, touching panties, and probably anything else you can come up with that involves panties.
Ithaca & Surrounding Area, FetLife
Created using Ithaca as a focal point for people in this area. The radius as a reference should extend no further than Syracuse, NY; Binghamton, NY; Scranton, PA; and any small towns within.
Johnstown Area BDSM, FetLife
to get together with friends of like and or twisted minds. possibly have discusions or demonstrations of different fetishes.we would like to watch and be watched. We would like this group to consist of local people or people who would actually come around if we could get something organized
KinkyJews Philadelphia
KinkyJews Philadelphia, FetLife
For Jewish kinksters and their associates in the eastern PA, northern DE, and greater Philadelphia areas (yes, that includes you, New Jersey!) Brings together Jewish Kinksters from across the USA & around the world in a safe and supportive environment where we can embrace our many forms of religious practice and sensual expression.
Kinky Kampers of Pa, FetLife
For outdoors lovers to meet, plan and participate in kinky camping weekends on private and/ or secluded land.
Kinky Witches and Pagans of Lehigh Valley Pa., FetLife
For witches and pagans who are into the lifestyle who live in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. Here we discuss our different paths, our kinks, learn from each other or just to ask a question.
Lake Erie Dungeon Society, FetLife
Lake Erie Dungeon Society, Yahoo
A Real time group that strives to meet monthly for various functions including parties, munches, non-lifestyle activities with like minded people. We are here to allow all members a chance to experience and learn. Your active participation is requested by either attending functions or posting in this group.
Leather Tribe of Philadelphia, FetLife
Leather Tribe of Philadelphia, Yahoo
For Mentorship, Education and Community. Serves the Leather, Kink & Fetish people of Philadelphia and surrounding regions. It offers a helping hand to those new to the scene, as well as strengthens the bonds of those who are seasoned veterans. Will work closely with NLA-I in establishing affordable, quality education workshops.
Lehigh Valley Lesbian Kinksters, FetLife
This is a group for women who love women only. Domme, sub, Mistress, slave, Top, Daddi, boi, baby girl...whatever label you choose for yourself, if you're a Lehigh Valley (and surrounding areas), female, love women AND you're kinky, come join us.
Les Lutte Rathskellar PA/NJ, FetLife
for kink friendly wrestlers novice to experienced, spectators and session wrestlers. Events are held at a private play space we rent. We offer the privacy of wrestling clothed or unclothed. Our events are open to any who enjoy wrestling on all levels, novice to trained wrestler/grapplers, spectators and session wrestlers.
Let's talk about Reading, PA, FetLife
Let's chat about that and everything else concerning our quiet little corner of the kink universe. Are there things happening here that just aren't easy to find? Or does everyone leave town to get dirty?
Looking for lifestylers in MD, DE, PA, NJ, FetLife
A place to become friends on a local level. It dosen't matter what your kink is or what your title is... Come on in and make some new friends.
Maryland/Southern PA/Delaware Riders Forum, FetLife
For anyone who lives in the Maryland, southern Pennsylvania and Delaware area that would like to get together for motorcycle rides and find out about events, organized rides for charity or other organizations. Please feel free to share news about any upcoming events or rides in your area.
MAsT (Masters And slaves Together): Great Lakes Region, FetLife
For members of MAsT (Masters and slaves Together) who reside in the Great Lakes Region. This will be an area to exchange information with other chapters in the region and post announcements regarding your chapters activities. Also, updates will be posted regularly for members of the region.
MAsT (Masters And slaves Together): Philadelphia
MAsT (Masters And slaves Together): Philadelphia, Yahoo
Will seek to have functions for like-minded people to come together for seminars, forums and socializing in the Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and Delaware areas. Our Charter is as a Pansexual group, open to all gender, sexual orientation, race, creed or religion.
MAsT (Masters And slaves Together): Pittsburgh
MAsT (Masters And slaves Together): Pittsburgh, FetLife
Sub-chapter of the parent group MAsT International We are an organization that explores and celebrates M/s and D/s structured relationships and the unique issues that are involved. Restricted to: People interested in or living the Master/slave lifestyle.
M.A.T.H. - Mid-Atlantic Tickle Hedonists, FetLife
Dedicated to tickling and those who love it in the Mid-Atlantic region.
MD/DC/VA + DE + PA Vampires - Meetings, FetLife
Dedicated to Vampires & Donors who live both a BDSM and a Vampire lifestyle in the Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania areas. This is a wide range but it is best to be as inclusive as possible. The purpose of this group is to form and maintain a monthly meeting, a Vampire Munch as it were, for folks in the area.
MD/PA Weekday & Night Kinksters, FetLife
Advertise events, yourself, related groups (I'm in many) or if visiting area.
Mechanicsburg-Camp Hill Kink, FetLife
Just a general exchange of information of locals with others
Mid-atlantic oil wrestling fans, FetLife
Fans of sensual and silly oil wrestling can talk about it here without criticism or hassle. Network with other baby oil wrestlers here and check for posted parties. NOTICE: This group is both swinger friendly and bi-male friendly.
Millersville University BDSM, FetLife
Students of Millersville University into the lifestyle
Mission, The (Inactive?)
National Leather Association (NLA): Philadelphia
A recently chartered chapter of the National Leather Association - International.
NEPA Kinksters, FetLife
NEPA Kinksters, Yahoo
A group of likeminded people from the Northeastern Pennsylvania area aged 18 and older please who like to get together on a monthly basis to make new friends and visit the old. Good times full of laughing, teasing, and having fun in a safe area. Great times to share with friends and relax, let loose and meet new and old friends!
NE PA Massage group, FetLife
If you live in North East Pennsylvania and like anything to do with Massage then this is your home. I know this is FetLife but this group is not only a massage with happy ending listing. I have back pain and would like to find some one to help by trading.
NEPA Ropeworks, FetLife
Intended for those in the Northeastern region of Pennsylvania (AKA: NEPA) interested in or curious about rope bondage (shibari, hojojutsu, kinbaku, etc.) The aim of this group is to provide information about rope bondage including safety, where to buy, how to tie, and provide a bit of direction to help inspire you.
A group for the next generation of kinky folk from the NEPA area of Pennsylvania. This group is a work in the making and can only become great through active participation. Hopefully this group can get a new munch started in the NEPA area for the under 35 crowd.
New Jersey Cuckold, FetLife
An all inclusive group for people in the New Jersey, Metropolitan area, and all surrounding areas including New York State, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and anyone visiting or interested and have the common fetish of cuckolding of all types and from all sides of participation.
New York BBW Spanking Society, Yahoo
Dedicated to all those "Big Beautiful Women" and the Men who love them who reside in New York State and surrounding areas IE: NJ, PA etc... who have an interest in spanking.
NJ-NY-PA Masters & Slaves, FetLife
This group is for Master/Subs or Dom/Sub or beginners to set real meetings to fulfill their needs regarding: anal, spanking, bondage, medical exam, toys play, enemas, gang bang, threesome, suppositories, BDSM, age play, Master/Slave-Daddy/Daughter-Doctor/patient-rape roleplay, TS, TV or any other fetish or desired fantasy
NJ-NY-PA Personals, FetLife
Tell what you are into and what yuo are looking for to get replies to match your desires and possibly make a new friend
Nj.NY,PA, Sensual D/s FWB and Play partners, FetLife
.I'm sure there are more of you like me out there so if you'eDom,sub,Master,slave post a personal and look for a sensual play partner.
NJ Personals & Classifieds for Kinky People, FetLife
A kink friendly Classified and Personals group for those in the lifestyle in NJ and the tristate area (NY, NJ, PA).
Nj, Philadelphia CBT/Ballbusting, FetLife
An open forum for both ladies and guys of the area to connect on the subject of CBT and Ballbusting. Other topics are allowed to include activities, munches, classes, etc
Northeast Pennsylvania Leathermen
A gay men's leather/bear club located in the northeastern region of Pennsylvania. While the city of Scranton acts as our central point for many of our gatherings, we have members from all the surrounding cities and counties in the surrounding areas.
northeast philly Social, FetLife
a social gathering or leather, fetishists and kinksters.
Northeastern Pennsylvania Kinks, FetLife
We hail mainly from Northeastern Pennsylvania, with bits of NYS, NJ, and Southeastern Pennsylvania thrown in... All are welcome.
Northeastern submissive women, FetLife
Dedicated to fostering supportive communication and relationships amongst submissive WOMEN in the northeastern states. Submissive and switch women from other areas of the country and world are also welcome to join if they are from or travel to this region often, or if their Doms/Dommes are located in the Northeastern US.
Northeastern US Kinksters, FetLife
Meant for event listings for for Northeast Regional Events. This group isn't meant for discussion topics, personal ads, etc. List your event or question here - we're aiming for conversations particular to the area. Need a recommendation for a play space? Want people to attend your event?
Northern Delaware Ds, FetLife
Northern Delaware Ds, Yahoo
ACTIVE munch group for like minded adults to meet and discuss the lifestyle in Wilmington, DE and the surrounding metro areas in (PA & NJ) in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. Munch takes place the 2nd Thursday of each month.
Ohio Personals, FetLife
A place for all those who live in Ohio, and the surrounding states (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.) to post personals. Please state you age, gender, location, status (sub, Dom, daddy, daughter, kinkster, ect), in your initial post, so people can skim the posts, and quickly find the one they want.
The Original Alternative Expressions - Lancaster, FetLife
Pansexual group, accepting of all members of the BDSM, Kink, M/s, Age Play communties. Meet third Monday of each month for dinner in a public place. We support and welcome new members, and our goal is to help new members into the lifestyle through friendships, mentorship, educational sessions and parties.
PAP Munch Philadelphia, FetLife
A revived group of BDSM Ds SM Fetish friends who meet monthly for dinner then travel to our nearby dungeon for an evening's play.
Penn State Kinksters, FetLife
This group is dedicated to all those who love Penn State. We love to hear from Current Students, Alumni, and Professors. Anyone is welcome! Primarily we operate out of State College, PA, but we invite the other Penn State Campuses to join and get involved too:
Pennsylvania BDSM, FetLife
A pansexual group for kinky folks anywhere in PA. Dominants, submissives, switches, poly: all are welcome for discussion and meeting like minded local people.
Pennsylvania Geeks and Nerds, FetLife
A group for Geeks and Nerds of all types That live in or near Penn. Find other Geeks near you that share interests beyond Perversion and Fetishism.
Pennsylvania Kink: Altoona, FetLife
for kinksters in PA, specificly in the Altoona area who wish to socialize and connect with other kindred kinky spirits in the area.
Pennsylvania TNG (The Next Generation), FetLife
Group of pansexuals 18-35 in PA for intellectual and psychological pursuit of BDSM exploring roles, identity, philosophy, safety, romance, and of course kink
People of the Great Lakes Alternative Lifestyle, FetLife
Please feel free to share information about yourselves, your events, start up discussions about your location, your club to stir up interest, ask any questions you wish about anything in the Great Lakes area.
Philadelphia Area Pro-Dommes/Dommes, FetLife
For Philadelphia and other local area Pro and non pro Female and trans-gendered Dominants to share and exchange useful advice and information, ask questions and to keep in touch with one another.
Philadelphia Erotic/Fetish Models & Photographers, FetLife
Designed to bring these talented people together to make great art. Regardless of your experience level you are welcome here, so enjoy, network, learn and above all Keep Shooting.
Philadelphia Exhibitionists and Voyeurs, FetLife
A place for all exhibitionists and voyeurs in the Philadelphia area to talk and or meet.
Philadelphia Leather Pride Night, FetLife
Philadelphia Leather Pride Night and weekend events information and discussion portal.
Philadelphia Nerds/Geeks in the lifestyle, FetLife
Ok, I know I'm not the only one who loves Star Wars, comic books, Dr. Who, BSG, etc. So I'm curious to see who else has this love of all things geeky.
Philadelphia Strap Ons!, FetLife
For men AND women who love strapons and for women who wear them!
Philadelphia Supper Club, FetLife
For those that want to get together break bread with friends new and old. This is a group about food, about restaurants, Mostly about getting together and enjoying an amazing meal with friends.
Philadelphia Switch Cooperative, FetLife
All inclusive group for people that switch between a dominant or submissive role/s, fully or in any part, shape or form. Will also support those who are curious about the switch role and what it might mean to exploring or fulfilling their own sexuality or that of their partner. Primary purpose: to create an supportive and active ADULT BDSM and Fetish social network and community in the greater Philadelphia area
Philadelphia Tri-State BDSM D/s Couples ( DE, NJ, SEPA), FetLife
Locating other couples in the Philly tri state area for friendship, just became easier.
Philadelphia Western Suburbs Munch, FetLife
This group is an opportunity for people to get together in a non-play and vanilla atmosphere. The munch will be held in King of Prussia (KoP) on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 6-10pm. Hooters, right side dining room offers us a private space.
Philadelphia Wrestling, FetLife
Wrestling, Grappling, and Struggle Play in the Philly, PA, area!
Philly Black Subs N Doms, Yahoo
Proud Affiliate Of The Black Beat Munch Group. Electronic discussion forum designed to bring together people of color and their admirers from the Greater Philadelphia area (Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Delaware) who are a part of the D/S (dominance/submission) community.
Philly Friends :-), FetLife
This group is for all Philly area people to gather together, post munches and events, ask questions, find LOCAL friends and discuss issues. Any newbies that want to get out into the scene and don't know how. . . this will be a good place for you as well :-)
Philly PHRIENDS, FetLife
Looking to connect with Phriends in the Philly and surrounding area? Looking for upcoming events? Looking to speak your mind on the latest hot topic!
Philly/SNJ Playgroup, FetLife
A pansexual group that meets regularly at a very LARGE play space for play parties, socializing, get togethers and special events.
Philly/South Jersey/Delaware Personal Ads, FetLife
A place for people in the Delaware Vallley to post personal ads seeking others. All are welcome but would prefer people living in the area to use. Please feel free to post a local munch, party, or personal ad. All kinks and all relations welcome.
Philly TNG (The Next Generation), FetLife
A group for individuals, aged 18-35 in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties (as well as our friends in South Jersey and Delaware). Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the younger members of the community. We sponsor several social and educational events throughout the metropolitan area.
Phoenixville Munch, FetLife
This munch meets on the second Tuesday of the month.
Pike County NEPA and Friends, FetLife
For those who reside in or regularly travel to cities and towns in Pike County, PA. Bordering towns in other PA counties, NY, and NJ are also welcome.
Pittsburgh Area Gamers, FetLife
Goal: to discuss, then form, and finally keep active a group in the Pittsburgh area to promote and share an interest in social gaming in the forms of Card games, Collectible Card Games, Dice Games, Board Games, and Role Playing Games. This will done through discussions and monthly meeting
Pittsburgh Community Forum, FetLife
A place for members of the Pittsburgh community to discuss a wide range of issues on neutral ground with the goal of coming to resolutions which make our community a better place.
Pittsburgh Kinky Crafters, FetLife
This is the group for all you dirty minded and creative Pittsburghers. Whether you like to felt phalli or just needlepoint a sampler to give to granny, we are a group that will meet up and chat while we craft.
Pittsburgh Leather, FetLife
Where like-minded individuals can enjoy each others' company, and an environment of acceptance, knowing we share a common love of the leather tradition. This group is intended to be for both dominants and submissives (Masters and slaves, etc, men and women, straight and queer. Restricted to: Pittsburghers and others in the region.
Pittsburgh Littles, FetLife
For the little community around Pittsburgh, PA as well as anyone curious about the little/Big dynamic. I am wanting to get a little's munch started for the Pittsburgh community and meet on a regular basis for G-rated fun activities and field trips.
Pittsburgh Mixed Wrestling Group, FetLife
A group dedicated to giving women an edge in mixed wrestling! possible event and training for ladies or couples in the future?
Pittsburgh Outdoor Enthusiasts (POE), FetLife
Hiking, camping, rock climbing, caving, what else? Use this group to: -Discuss your favorite outdoor activities and favourite places to do them -Gather those interested for outings, team sports, etc. -Announce events
Pittsburgh Play Party Partners (4P), FetLife
A community forum to discuss the details and facilitate the collaborative production of community play parties in the Pittsburgh area.
Pittsburgh/surrounding area munches, events
A forum for people to flocate local munch groups, hear about events in the Pitsburgh and sourrounding area.
Pocono Kinksters, FetLife
For anyone in the Monroe County, PA area or those who frequently travel here to talk, have fun and plan events.
Pocono Warriors
Leather/levi brotherhood club meeting several times a year, mostly in New York City and Philadelphia.
PRIMAL (Pittsburgh Regional Information Management for Alternative Lifestyles), Yahoo
This is an adult group formed to facilitate a better flow of information regarding the D&S scene locally, regionally and nationally.
PSA Philadelphia Metro Area, FetLife
Public Service Announcements. This group is a place to get information in the Philadelphia Metro Area for peeps who are in need of information of any kind of PSA's.
PURRS (Pittsburgh Underground Riggers & Rope Sluts), FetLife
Group of kinky people who love rope. In the next coming weeks we will be starting meetings for people in the local area who love rope, want to be around others who love rope, who want to talk about rope, learn about rope.
Reading/Pottstown Munch Group, FetLife
Fun and like minded people that live in the western outlands of the Phildadelphia area. Looking to get together forming friendships, teaching, learning and enjoying this life style. Planning events with surrounding groups as well as inviting them to events that we can host in our area. The more the merrier.
Regional/Local Events (Md/PA/DE/VA/DC), FetLife
A place to post events of any kind, kinky or vanilla. A friendly reminder: this group is open to all people.. that are interested in posting information about ANY type of event in this regional/local area... it doesn't matter what type of event it is whether you want to have kinky scrabble or you want to have a formal fetish tea party.
ROPE (Rope Organization, Philadelphia Exhibitionists), FetLife
ROPE (Rope Organization, Philadelphia Exhibitionists), Yahoo
A rope organization that meets at the Black Phoenix club in Philadelphia every second Saturday of the month from 7-9.
Rope Bite Meadville - Erie, FetLife
Munch and study / practice group for people who are interested in learning and participating in erotic rope bondage. Planned events include munches at restaurants (street attire required), rope classes and workshops plus casual get togethers to practice what we learn and hone our skills.
Scranton Kinksters, FetLife
For anyone in the Scranton or surrounding areas who wish to converse and share ideas as well as to help arrange get-togethers in the local area.
Scranton-Wilkes Barre, FetLife
This group is here to faciliate communication between people in the local area and the outlying regions.
Society of Adult Sensuous Spankings & Energy Exchanges (SASSEE), Yahoo
For Pittsburgh spankos, as well as any spankos in other cities/states who wish to join us. This is a group for ADULT consentual spanking only! A place for spankos to meet, chat, & make new friends. It is a place where we can find validation, acceptance, support, and encouragement. A place where we can discuss issues, share experiences, ask questions, and of course HAVE FUN!
The Society of NEPA, FetLife
Non-profit organization with intent of education and community building for those interested in alternative sexuality, lifestyles, and therapeutic methodology. Dedicated to the education and socialization. Comprised of and welcome kinksters, fetishists, M/s, D/s, and even those who are still unsure of all creeds, cultures, and orientations.
Society of the Young and Competent (SYC), FetLife
Society of the Young and Competent (SYC), Yahoo
A TNG group with chapters located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and Providence Rhode Island. We work to create an environment for younger kinksters to feel comfortable and learn, while encouraging a sense of community without fear of judgement. Under 35 only.
Society for Erie Educational Kink (SEEK), FetLife
Society for Erie Educational Kink (SEEK), Yahoo
An Educationally based B.D.S.M group that meets for social, educational, and other activities. In our group you will find Dominants, submissives, switches, tops, bottoms, and people of all sexual preference's. We welcome any adult (18+) with any level of interest and skill in the B.D.S.M lifestyle.
South Central Pennsylvania Alt, Yahoo
A wonderful group of people who have come together to discuss the workings of the B.D.S.M. lifestyle. We have group members from all over the south central Pennsylvania region; extending from as far west as Pittsburgh and as far east as Harrisburg and Philladelphia, but most of the group are from the Altoona, Huntingdon, Ebensburg, Johnstown, Bedford, State College areas.
South Western PA, FetLife
We'd like to use it to organize activities (vanilla and otherwise) in the South Western Pennsylvania area that kinksters can do together because it's always more fun to do things with naughty friends. Anybody and everybody is welcome as long as you're kinky and in the Pittsburgh area.
SPANK (Southern PA iN Kink), FetLife
A Kinky Social group for Southern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. We do a bi-weekly happy hour on Fridays in Hanover PA. Meet like minded people, learn new things, and be introduced to the kinky community.
The Submissive and Mistresses of Philly, FetLife
For the Submissive People and Mistresses of the Philadelphia Area. For us to communicate about our interests and hopefully have them fulfilled by someone local enough to actually play with.
The Submissive S.C.E.N.E., FetLife
real time group for submissives, slaves and bottoms in the Delaware Valley (PA,NJ,DE). Our mission is in our name, Supporting, Communicating, Educating, Nurturing and Enriching our lives and our service as submissives. We provide an opportunity to come together to learn and share many aspects of our lives especially service oriented skills.
Three Rivers Munch, Yahoo
A non-profit D/s support organization serving the greater Pittsburgh area and surrounding communities. We host a monthly "Munch" meeting in Murrysville open to anyone wishing to attend.
TLGMA (The Lost Generation, Mid Atlantic) 30's - 50's And Friends, FetLife
Not as worried about your age as much as your state of mind and open attitude... Focused primarily for kinksters ages 30-50 and their friends in the MD, VA, DC & PA regions. We're bridging the gap from old school to new age for Kinksters, perverts and alternatives alike
TNG (The Next Generation): Pittsburgh, Fetlife
TNG (The Next Generation): Pittsburgh, Yahoo
A BDSM peer group primarily designed to welcome and educate individuals new to the BD, D/s, and SM lifestyles or new to the Pittsburgh area. However, TNG Pittsburgh welcomes all who wish to join regardless of experience level or age providing you are accepting and respectful of all of our members.
TransPhilly, FetLife
a leather/bdsm specific tgirl group for Philadelphia. This will be more for the transgender/shemale types too.
Triad Munch, FetLife
A monthly gathering and social group for those in Edison, NJ and the surrounding metro areas (NY, NJ PA) in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. The group is open to anyone, male, female, Dom, sub, hetero, gay, bi, CD/TV/TS) who is interested in D/s, B&D or S&M. We meet the 3rd Monday of each month
The Ultimate Pennsylvania Personals Group, FetLife
Designed specifically for personal ads in the area of Pennsylvania and nearby areas. Open to all sexual preferences, all fetishes and kinks, and even fans of the New York Yankees (Hey, everyone makes mistakes. Ha ha!)
Vinculum Vitae (Pittsburgh), FetLife
Pittsburgh based group dedicated towards actively helping its members learn BDSM skills of all kinds with RACK and SSC in mind. The other goal of the Vinculum Vitae is to allow for regular practice of these skills.
West Virginia Humans into Perversion (WHIP)
Pansexual bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, and masochism ("bdsm") educational and social group for people in WV, MD, VA, and PA.
West Virginia Tri-State Area Daddys and little girls group/munch/parties, FetLife
Located in The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and W/we are very close to MD, VA, & PA. Objectives:1). To meet locals with like minds. 2). To have munches/Parties/Camping/Play Dates. 3). To have someone to call on if O/one needs a friend.
Western MD, PA, and WV Hangout, FetLife
Kinksters hidden behind the mountains- time to come out of the woods.
Western Pennsylvania Area Goreans, Yahoo
Developed to bring those adults of the Western Pennsylvania Area, within 150 miles or so of Pittsurgh, interested in Gor and Gorean ideals in Real life together. A place to talk of what we each seek, hopes, dreams,ask question, pass ideas about and make plans to get together with one another in real life.
Western Pennsylvania Multicultural Kinksters (WPMK), FetLife
This group is a place where kinksters of all races, nationalities, and ethnicities in the area can connect. This is not a classified ads group. People of all races, religions, nationalities, and backgrounds are welcome to join.
Western Pennsylvania's Finest, FetLife
For those from in and around Western PA.
Women Rule Parties
Women Rule Parties, FetLife
A BDSM party and social group. Membership restricted to Dominant Women and people who serve us; you must be invited to attend parties, held at a private location in Maryland in a DC suburb.
WoodsStocks, FetLife
Premiere pan sexual and sex- positive BDSM camping event located just an hour south of Pittsburgh PA. Every July, the event opens on 50 acres of private property and includes 4 days and 3 nights of camping, playing, workshops, vendors, games, and socialization.
Wyoming Valley Kinksters, FetLife
We are a mixed group of kinksters including Mistresses, Masters, Switches, Slaves, Submissives, Fetishists and all assorted kinksters in the Wyoming Valley. We are non-judgemental, free-spirited and open to all. We both post for intellectual thought and have monthly meetings.
York Munch Group, FetLife
York Munch Group, Yahoo
For people in and around York, which includes those from Hanover, Harrisburg, Lancaster! We welcome individuals and couples of all sexual orientations, fetishes, genders, races, and interests who are exploring alternative relationships & wish to meet like-minded folks. We meet MONTHLY for a Dinner Munch / Happy Hour
York Social Club, FetLife
Announcement list for the York Social Club. Please join us at Meet-up if you'd like to come to our parties. Restricted to: Folks intending to come to real, live parties in the York, PA area.
Young Kinkies of Philly/Allentown, FetLife
Younger kinksters (35ish and under) of the Philly, Bucks County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas.
The Young Philly Urban Kinksters (Young PhUKs), FetLife
Anyone who fits the age limits and is able to attend events in the urban Philly area is encouraged to join. We'd like to foster a warm and relaxed environment, so please be welcoming, friendly, and drama-free. Limited to kinsters 18-35 years old in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas.
Your MAMA munch, FetLife
Maryland Area Mistress Association (Your MAMA), Yahoo
Columbia, MD. For dominant ladies and the people who serve them. Munch third Monday of each month, a fun, safe way to meet like-minded people. If you are in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia or West Virginia area and close enough to attend, come out to a munch and meet us.

For other locations, click here

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